A Research States That Smokers Should Hang Out With Vapers To Quit Smoking

A Research States That Smokers Should Hang Out With Vapers To Quit Smoking

One of the most common problems that the world is facing is “how to quit smoking?”. There are many companies that are making a campaign to promote quit smoking. It is fact that because of smoking many death cases have been reported worldwide. Even after this tobacco is a legally available product. Doctors will recommend medications so that you can stop smoking. Recent research has also shown that E-cigarettes or vapes can help to quit smoking. The conventional cigarette is more harmful than vaping. Discussions are still going on how they help the users. If you want to use vaping products then you can buy them from the vape store In cape May or buy online.

These products do not contain harmful products that are very harmful such as tar or carbon monoxide as they are found in the smoking products. In the UK around 2.9 million people are using the e-cigarettes. According to the research conducted in England by The Tobacco Control Plan, it is found that over 4Lakh people are using vaping products so that they can quit smoking.

According to research by UCL (University College London), they found that around 20% of the smokers were able to quit smoking when they spend time with vapers who use E-cigarettes products. They felt motivated to stop smoking. The vaping products are 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

The Sheffield Hallam University conducted research to check what are the benefits and risk of using the vaping products which leads a person to quit smoking. They focused on a person’s health by examining the small veins and arteries.

One of the other research monitored the people for six months and the participants are divided into 3 groups:

  • Nicotine-free e-cigarettes product were given
  • Using nicotine rich e-cigarettes
  • Nicotine replacement therapy

The Research team is examining the patients on nicotine dependence and their cholesterol level. They also checked there breath to see the amount of carbon monoxide. The participants are examined regularly to see the changes. Starting results showed that participants in the e-cigarettes groups were not ready to smoke again. After that, the groups were divided those were not ready to smoke again and those who want to smoke again. The reasons are not completely clear and the research is still going on. This will give smokers better options to choose from and they might stop smoking for good.

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