A Research States Vaping Is Less Addictive Than Smoking

A Research States Vaping Is Less Addictive Than Smoking

The term vaping is becoming common but still, there is some misconception related to its use and how safe it is. Over time many research has shown that as compared to traditional cigarettes vaping products are better as well as safer.

The reality is these products actually help the smokers to quit smoking as well they do not feel the urge to use them again and again. This means it the best way to quit smoking and one of the safest option. You can buy the vaping product from the vape store.

One of the studies revealed that people who stopped smoking, they used the products of a period of 16 months. According to Cancer Research UK, they predicted that those who used vaping products have less amount of carcinogens and other toxic compounds in their body, but only if they have completely stopped using the conventional cigarette. A recent study showed that the smoking product contains harmful substances which can result in cancer.

In 2016, research was conducted on the use of e-cigarettes and how it impacted the health of the person. Many fitness experts and regulators of government have been waiting for the PATH (Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health) results. In this study, an online national survey was conducted which included more than 30,000 adults as well as younger people.

Researchers at Penn State College of Medicine helped to compare the dependence of cigarette and e-cigarettes through the survey which was conducted by PATH. In this survey, people were included who used the product of vaping or traditional cigarette on a daily basis.

People who completely answered the survey, out of them around 3580 were completely fit in the study criteria. Out of them, around 5% used the e-cigarette and 95% exclusively were using the traditional smoking product which contains tobacco.

Those who are the vaping product, used the smoking product once which is around 93% and rest 7% just experimented with the cigarette smoking product in their life.

This shows that the use of vaping product help you to be less addictive which is not with the people who smoke. In the study, it also showed that vapers waited for a long time to finally use the vaping product after waking up. This also means they are less addicted to these products or they do not feel strong cravings that they really need the product at that time. Additionally, they were not using these products in those places where it is not allowed.

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