Are All Brands of E Liquid same?

Are All Brands of E Liquid same?

E-Liquid are a lot of fun as they are available in different to suit the taste of every person. Additionally, they can be purchased in different brands.

These days the popularity and familiarity of vaping increases around the world. It is the best alternative available for traditional smoking because it does not contain any harmful substance.

Well, you can even try e-juice in different flavors according to your taste. Some vapors prefer fruit flavors, exotic flavors (dessert), or prefer old school and opt for sweet tobacco liquid. In addition to this, they can be bought in different types of brands. Many people prefer to opt for top brands while buying e-juice because they think it will give them a better experience.

But guess what, there is no such thing you have to keep in mind while buying the e-liquids. This means you can buy them in any brand whether it is $10 bottle or $1 bottle. The reason is very simple as all the e-liquid are created with the same ingredients.

The main purpose of the coil is to vaporize the liquid by getting the voltage in the right amount. This is because, all the e-juice are made using the same recipe which includes PG, VG, nicotine, and flavorings.

It might happen that the ingredients are present in different ratio and quantity. But, it does not mean that the juice will only work properly with a certain type of brand. Unless, if there is something wrong with the device then it might create some issue.

All Brands Does Not Abide By The Rule

The four ingredients should be included. But there are some companies who add unwanted things and they are not safe to consume. In case, you are trying a new brand first search properly.  Make sure they follow the rules of Tobacco Products Directive to keep the quality best for vape juice.

However, there are some companies who are not doing their best to make the e-juice. While buying the product from the vape store you should check the legal information.

Ratio Matters more not the logo

If you have the best brand you have to also check the PG and VG ratio. In total there are three different types of ratio. There is VG and PG ratio is the equal amount (50/50) as they can be used with any device. Then one contain higher PG level as they better decent throat hit, high nicotine strength, and provide flavor. Then another contain VG liquid which is sweet. Thick, and provide a better cloud experience. So, while buying them from the vape shop check the ratio.

Is it possible to use any brand?

If they follow certain criteria then they are definitely a safe option to buy. It should have a hallmark, TPD regulations, and the right amount of ratio. You just to research and then you can use any type of brand for e-juice.

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