Cigar lovers: Do you want to know about the brief history of Cigars

Cigar lovers: Do you want to know about the brief history of Cigars

Several people these days love to smoke premium cigars on several special occasions such as birthday celebrations, the birth of a baby, victory, and so on. If you are one of them, then you need to know and understand the history of cigars first, so that you can enjoy the smoking well. Or you must buy cigars from the well-known cigar store because a popular store is the only place, where you can get premium cigars. You can also buy hookah from these stores.

Who Invented Cigars?

Historians usually assume the cigar was developed by the ancient Mayans who would tie and smoke the tobacco in a palm or plantain leaves. Archeologists have also found a 10th-century ancient Mayan pot depicting a Mayan man, who was puffing one of those really early cigars at that time.

Christopher Columbus was one of the first Westerners to discover tobacco when he came into the New World. The local Indians taught him how to smoke the leaves of tobacco and Columbus and his lieutenants soon took up the practice.

Smoking was very common in Spain and Portugal after they took the concept back home. Jean Nicot, the French ambassador to Portugal, popularized cigar smoking in France and was named after him. It was around this time that the Spanish manufacturers began to wrap the dried tobacco in papers rather than leaves. After that, other businesses started producing tobacco and making cigars through mass manufacturing.

Due to the fertile land and warm climate, Cuba became a very popular location for growing tobacco plants. After some time, a Cuban tobacco-growing industry was established, and the tobacco grown in Cuba was distributed from Europe to Asia by sailing ships. Columbus then claimed Cuba for Spain, and the Spaniards dominated the tobacco industry during this time. They even placed a monopoly on the crop which lasted until 1817, prohibiting any Cuban growers from selling to anyone other than them.

Cigars Across The World

Cigars started to rise in popularity across the globe, with the US smoking about 300 million cigars by the mid-19th century. Tampa, Florida has been a hotspot for cigars and many Cuban cigar-makers have moved there.

Cigars became a status symbol and a part of popular culture, and they were smoked by many famous people including-:

  • King Edward VII

  • Ulysses S. Grant

  • Sigmund Freud

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Michael Jordan.

These days, premium cigars are loved by almost everyone to enjoy holidays and other precious moments. And if you are one of them, then you need to understand that smoking too many cheap cigars may cause some health conditions. So, you must go with fine and quality cigars all the time.

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