CBD Drip is a product which boasts of CBD in a drip form which is easy to carry and convenient to handle. Consumption of CBD Products has shot to popularity, seeing the quality of the product and the active CBD content in a health-boosting form. We all know that our products have been extracted using supercritical co2 extraction process which ensures that the organic extracts are well preserved in the final form which is being supplied to high-end markets. The products are derivatives of European Hemp and have the additional qualities of being organic, vegan and gluten-free. The liquid products can be mixed with other additives and food. So mix your favorite additive to the food of your choice. Taste and pleasure in a single go! You can even use it with vape pods and vape your favorite flavor. CBD Products are formulated according to the strength thus their classification into Gold, Platinum, and Onyx. Purchase Gold Single CBD and get the premium experience of using a pure CBD product.

Gold Single

Rix Mix 500

Bulk Concentrate

Platinum Single

Rix Mix 750

Onyx Single

Rix Mix 1500


Drip Combo Pack

Rix Combo Pack

Even though these products are specially meant for vaping, make sure that they carry only safe ingredients so they are suitable for direct ingestion or inhalation. The products we make are in sync with the quality standards of the CBD industry. Buy Platinum Single and you will find out for yourself what we mean by fine flavor. We are not alone in proving our competence, we have our third-party certifications to show that we stand for quality, purity, and toxin-free products.

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