Cigar lovers: What type of drinks are good to consume with cigars?

Cigar lovers: What type of drinks are good to consume with cigars?

Generally, you want to try and tie it in with flavors and weights that complement your cigar while selecting the best cocktail to go with your cigar. A full-bodied cigar that is available at the cigar store demands a full-bodied as well as the more delicate drinks, such as Prosecco or Champagne, which call on the lighter cigar to smoke.


Although others would recommend matching a cigar with Cognac, there’s an explanation of why they are combined. In this situation, timing is key and since both were typically loved after meals, they were naturally related. There is a good case to claim it’s the best combination of all of them, which is why this is the first cocktail you have to try with a cigar.

Age is a side point to remember while purchasing cognac. Unless the container is branded with VS or Very Special so you’ll realize it’s the lowest age group because it’s not one for the cigar to be consumed. If you really want to consume this with cigar then you must go with VSOP or Very Special Old Pale, aged for at least four and a half years. This is a nice option to get started and can be combined with mild and medium-bodied cigars.

Scotch or Bourbon

There are a couple of things you can hold in mind when it comes to Scotch and the Bourbon. The Bourbons Small Batch and Single Barrel, along with Single Malt Scotches, are your high-end alternatives providing the kind of complexity and aromas that will satisfy your needs when smoking a cigar.

A luxury single malt offers a smoky flavor arising from the smoked peat used in the extraction phase. For starters, this blends idyllically with Cohiba cigars. Choose a small batch Whiskey and you’ll be met with a cocktail that’s distilled at a higher degree of authenticity, supplying them with what it takes to hold up to medium and full-bodied cigars, due to the powerful tastes that reside in the product.


There are those who think the idea of combining with a cigar somewhat far-fetched when it comes to wine. Although white wine is not the perfect choice to accompany tobacco in some way, if you look at a rich and smoky wine, like a Merlot, you would definitely consider a suitable accompaniment.

Coffee Drinks

There are a whole variety of combinations of coffee beverages because we are confident you are well conscious. Non-alcoholic choices like a latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, ristretto, and Cuban coffee are said by this. Both of the above can be experienced with a stogie, but we recommend mixing your cigar with an Irish cream coffee for the extra flavor and elegance. The flavor provides textures and complexity, tastes fantastic, and will successfully improve the enjoyment of cigar smoking.

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