Do you know there are some interesting facts about smoking a cigar?

Do you know there are some interesting facts about smoking a cigar?

Cigar shop Cape May, Cigars are so addictive that not only attract you towards itself but also give you relaxation. Many cigar smokers will be thinking right now that they know everything about the cigar.

  • Tobacco seeds are high maintenance


Yes, you heard it right. Those tiny seeds are high maintenance. Do you know those hundreds of tiny tobacco seeds will fit into the thimble (metal tube)?  Once you planted the seed then it needs eight hours of sunlight daily.


  • Earlier cigar used as fairground prizes

The earlier cigar was given to the people as an interesting prize. Just imagine the shopkeepers are giving cigars instead of teddy or chocolates these days.


  • Christopher Columbus invented Cuban tobacco

Christopher Columbus was the first person to land on the island known as Cuba. He saw nothing was there for enjoyment. Then the local people introduced him to Cohiba which is a leaf he can burn and inhale. Today Cohiba is known as tobacco.

  • White house

In Bosnia, an American pilot was shot and saved his life. Then Bill Clinton announced the day as an occasion by burning a cigar in the white house. He also breaks the rule of no smoking in the white house rule made by Hilary.


  • Cigar roller

The cigar roller is also known as torcedor. Do you know how many cigars can be produced with it? You will be amazed to know that 200 cigars can be produced in a day.


  • Oxygen Mask

Winston Churchill placed an order of an oxygen mask which will accommodate the cigar smoking isn’t an interesting fact?


  • High Humidity

Before rolling the cigar, the leaves of the cigar should have a humidity level around 80 to 95%. Do you know how the aroma or flavour develops in cigars through the fermentation process?


  • Poisoned Cigar

With the help of medical services, the CIA was instructed to put poison in Fidel Castro’s Cigars. But nothing goes according to the plan. Castro came out and said that he had received a gift from the CIA which made him feel sick.


  • Humidors are important

It is important to keep cigars in humidors for safety purposes. If you will not keep the cigars in humidors then you might end up wasting your money.


  • Cigar helps you in becoming more creative

You will be surprised to know that famous writer Mark Twain used to smoke 300 cigars in a month. Some point of time he stopped the habit of smoking cigars and he experienced writer’s block. Then he started again smoking a cigar and completed writing a book within 3 months.


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