Does Humidity And Moisture Has Any Effect On Quality Of My Cigar?

Does Humidity And Moisture Has Any Effect On Quality Of My Cigar?

Smoking a cigar is an art and so is manufacturing one. For those who are oblivious to reality, we would like to mention that it takes a lot of precision to make cigars. They are made using choicest ingredients of superior quality which are mixed in such a way that they have 12 -15 per cent moisture content. The balance between the moisture and the dryness gives a rich flavor to the cigars. The satisfaction coming from the cigars depends on the perfect combination of the moisture and dryness. So when you order your cigars from a cigar store, you should ensure that you store it properly so that the moisture levels are maintained properly.

The Proper Balance

The cigars must be stored in such a way that they are able to maintain the moisture levels. Too much moisture will make it burn unevenly and with unbalanced flavor. Too much humidity may also cause difficulty in burning them.

Too little moisture will make the cigar burn too hot, without its aromatic oils. They are highly likely to burn too quickly.

Storing them at high humidity (above 72 per cent) will lead to the attraction of dew and thus lead to spoiling them.

The perfect solution to all these problems is to store the cigars properly. Cigars are hygroscopic by nature which means that they can attract as well lose moisture quickly. ¬†While they can attract dew in the highly moist conditions, they can dry out within a few hours if left with our air conditioning. That’s exactly the reason why they must be stored in a cigar humidor. These are well-sealed boxes for storing cigars. They are readily available at cigar shops. You should opt for the ones made from Spanish cedar (a wood that is known for its moisture balancing properties). The cigars must not be stored in a crowded manner, but that doesn’t mean that you can leave them empty either. Both ways, it will disturb the humidity balance. You can also store them in a plastic box but it will require optimum cleanliness and occasional checking.

When Should You Replace Your Cigars?

You will know if it is time to replace your cigars if the moisture levels are imbalanced. Run it between your fingers and you will know the level of moisture it has. While dry cigars are brittle and make a crackling sound, wet cigars feel spongy, soft and dense. A cigar with the perfect moisture balance feels firm and slightly oily. A cracked cigar shows that its moisture levels are not the same as before. If you see white spots of mold then also it means that the cigar has been damaged due to excessive moisture and it’s time to replace!

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