Does Vaping has Any Side Effect?

Does Vaping has Any Side Effect?

Vaping community has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. No doubt is very effective as it does not cause any harm to the person’s health like a traditional cigarette would do. But will they leave any side effects? Read the given as we shared whether vaping can lead to the side effects.

Currently, vaping is becoming popular all over the world. No doubt, with its advent in the market it has become like a culture for many people. But many people worry about the side effects of the vaping.

Though there is nothing to worry about research has shown that vaping is safe. However, there are few symptoms which can trigger from time to time which we have mentioned below:

Dry Mouth

Among Vapers the dry mouth is a very common side effect that happens because of taking VG and PG in more amount. Dry mouth occurrence is more because of VG as they vape only on VG of e-liquid.

The best way is to use the oral hydration product like Biotene or drink more water.

Sore throat

Pain and itching of the throat trigger because of different factors. Intake of PG in a high amount. The throat taste is stimulated due to Intake of PG in excess, or even the coil material present in the atomizer can lead to discomfort. In case the problem is because of e-juice then switch to a different one with less nicotine level. You can buy different e-juice flavors from your local vape shop.

Addiction to nicotine

Nicotine intake is eliminated with it but at times it can increase depending on the e-juice type. The only need for nicotine is to remove the traditional cigarette effect. This is why you feel confident when you vape and inhale the e-juice. If any problem is occurring then switch to a lower level of nicotine. Make sure that you get the product from the best vape store.

Vapers Tongue

If you love you vape regularly then vapers tongue is very common which means losing the ability to taste the flavor. This means the tongue is covered with an unknown substance and this is not letting you taste the flavor. This can also occur because of smoking, lack of oral saliva, and olfactory fatigue.

Vapers cough

Those who are new to vaping will experience it as it causes irritation when you inhale it. Although the coughing stays only for a short amount of time and its main reason is the stimulating substance of PG.

Often vaping side effect occurs because of the high amount of PG or nicotine intake which can be treated with e-juice. If you are facing any problem then stop vaping for some time and continue with the vaping session.

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