Everything About CBD Pain Relief for Dogs

Everything About CBD Pain Relief for Dogs

CBD products have been proved very beneficial in treating the problem of pain. But, you might not know this that CBD is very effective for pain management in dogs and various studies have shown this. In this guide, we have shared everything about CBD pain relief and who helpful they are of dogs.

Use of CBD for pets

Studies have shown that CBD products leave a positive impact on dogs and cats. Just like people, there is an endocannabinoid system in the animals due to which they can get benefit from CBD oil. The cannabinoids interact with the receptors which help in modulating the pain, nausea, and anxiety. Also, there is no life-threatening effect of CBD on the animals.

Study on CBD for pain relief on dogs

  • One of the University conducted a study in which they showed that cannabinoids help in managing the pain. The study was done on the dogs which were suffering from osteoarthritis and joint pain. The motive was to understand how the dog process the supplements of hemp-based to get rid of the problems. The endocannabinoid system is found in dogs and cats which is same as humans and the use of CBD has helped to treat the number of ailments in pets.
  • The team tested 2 different doses for pain management: 2mg and 8 mg. Every 12 hours of dogs were given CBD in 2 mg or for 4-week placebo oil was given.
  • Veterinarians did a physical examination which includes blood-work. Along with that, Hudson activity score questionnaires and Canine Brief Pain Inventory score were used to checking the pain. These medical questionnaires are official which are used in assessing the pain and lameness in dogs. The impact of even 2mg of the CBD proved helpful in getting rid of the pain.

Is my pet suffering from pain?

  • Some signs are licking one spot continuously or limping is very easy to judge. Instead of that loss of appetite, increased barking, or aggression is some of the signs.
  • Your pet cannot move easily, their sleeping pattern is changed, or constant panting. They cannot talk so you need to monitor the subtle changes.

Under federal law the CBD is legal and FDA is making the regulation that how it needs to be sold to the consumers. Research has shown that pet owners ask about CBD on mostly basis. Due to the increase in demand the pet CBD products are made like chew treats and tinctures.

Choose the product Carefully

Before buying the product from the CBD shop you should talk to the doctor as they will clear your doubts. For the first time, carefully monitor your pet.

For further questions, you should visit our CBD store and know about the benefits in detail.

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