Everything you need to know about different types of cigar wrappers

Everything you need to know about different types of cigar wrappers


The wrapper is the first thing that you notice about a cigar. Manufacturers know that the wrapper outward experience is affected and it also indicates what is present inside. Around 60 to 90 percent of the cigar flavor can be determined by the wrapper. You must understand the important attributes of it. When you are searching for the best cigar store or scrolling the internet for the right cigar, some of the major things which you should know about cigar wrappers.


Basic about cigar wrapper

  • Wrapper leaves are drawn from the lower section of the tobacco plant because there the leaves are thicker and bigger. They need that size and they should not have blemishes so that they can wrap a cigar correctly.
  • If you notice the sheen it is due to the aging process due to certain oils in the leaf.
  • The wrapper color ranges from very light to dark brown. Additionally, there are 50 kinds of wrapper leaves and they are from 4 main types.



Connecticut is exported by the United States and it is extremely popular and it originated from the Northeastern part. The plant grows in shady condition and under cheesecloth sheets so that excessive sunlight does not impact it. This will make the flavor mild and there is a hunt of cedar and spice. Its style is complex and it is extremely smooth.



Corojo is originally grown in Cuba but now it is grown in Honduras. This leaf is extremely unique and spicy which makes it’s quality perfect. The wrapper is extremely tough which makes for a rather difficult smoke. This means the Camacho Corojo cigar uses the option of a Corojo wrapper.



Habano is another leaf that originated in Cuba but now has been relocated due to the embargo. Now it is grown in Nicaragua. It is dense with nicotine. This has a spicy hint to it and it is extremely of heavy quality. Due to its spiciness, only a few smokers prefer this option. This option can be intimidating to the new cigar smokers. If you have doubts about which you should choose then make sure to contact the cigar professionals and then make the final choice.



Maduro leaf has the longest lifespan as compared to all the wrapper tobacco leaves. The long process of growing and aging results in an extremely dark chocolate brown color which makes it recognizable easily.

There are challenges involved in growing and aging a Maduro leaf will help to get the distinctive quality. Not every leaf can meet the strict requirements to get the name of Maduro wrapper. The lengthy process of aging and growing will help the Maduros to get a smooth and sweet style. Additionally, it is given the nickname ‘Dessert smoke’.



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