Everything you need to know about the professional’s tips to taste a cigar

Everything you need to know about the professional’s tips to taste a cigar


Sometimes a cigar is just a thing that you smoke or other occasions when you have little time to relax and properly enjoy the experience. This is going to give you a chance to explore the different colors to enhance the palate. You can even talk to the professionals at the cigar store about the tips to taste cigars.

Taste it before you light it

Holding the cigar in the mouth before you light it up can be a great indicator of the type of smoke you are going to enjoy. If there is a bitter or sweet flavor present in the cigar then this suggests that there will be good smoke whereas there can be a hint of acidity then it can mean that the tobacco used in the cigar is not of good quality.

Smoke slowly

This is an important rule for all areas of cigar smoking. This is extremely important if you are looking to expand the experience for the flavors. You need to keep the time between each draw and letting the smoke linger in the mouth a little longer than usual would. By doing so, it is going to make the most prominent which means you are going to explore all the flavors. Doing the smoking process slowly ensures that cigar does not overheat which can give you tobacco a burnt taste.


You might think that flavor is in the taste but the flavor detectors are present in the nose than on the tongue. Some cigar smokers prefer the option of retro-hale to get the full flavor which means smoke is exhaled through the nose. To do this after taking the puff you need to release around 3-quarters of the smoke which is out of the mouth.

Protect Your Palate

  • You must protect the palate. If it is contaminated by the food you have been eating all day then there can be an issue. If you are looking for different flavors present in the cigar then drink alongside if you want to sip on something as other drinkers are going to bring a whole new bunch of the taste mixes.
  • If you want to smoke multiple cigars at once then make sure to go with the mildest one like the aroma and flavor of stronger cigars can stay for a longer time which makes it difficult for you to detect the cigar with a mild flavor.
  • Cigars are like wine which are filled with subtle hints and nuances that may miss if you are not paying them attention. It takes time to understand the difference between flavors and you can experience more from cigars by doing different things


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