How long can you store your collection of cigar in the cigar humidor?

How long can you store your collection of cigar in the cigar humidor?

How to store your cigar?

Bought cigar from a cigar store and had a habit of storing it and then taking out on events such as marriages, graduation parties, festivals and so on. Then you must be knowing how important it is to keep your cigar in the humidor. If you are thinking about what a humidor is, then it is a type of box which keeps your cigar safe. If you do not keep your cigar in the humidor, then the cigar will dry, burn too quickly or slowly, flavours will start diminishing.

  • Age of the cigar

You will be amazed to know that cigars also need time to mature properly. It takes six months and then it is transported to cigar stores, Liquor shops. A person after buying the cigar should keep it for three months before smoking his favourite cigar. The ageing process of cigars helps it to develop the flavour of the cigar properly. Some people keep their cigar with cellophane wrap until you are not having dividers in the humidor. Keeping your cigar in the humidor will help air to pass through the cigar. Well, it is up to you how you want to keep your cigar.

  • Seasoning

With the help of dividers in the humidor, you can keep the flavour of the cigar fresh. Sometimes things kept around cigars leave their fragrance on a cigar will spoil the aromatic qualities of it. The specialist recommends keeping their cigar in their original boxes so that the aroma of the cigar will remain the same.

  • Regular check-ups

Every 1 to 3 months, it is important to check the cigar. You should check the air, humidity and temperature of the humidor from time to time. You must be wondering why it is so important.

  • Air

You should have a practice of putting your cigars in the air for some time to maintain the flavour of the cigar. But that doesn’t mean you will keep your cigar at the airy place. You should very careful while keeping your cigar. To keep your cigar safe, the humidor should be airtight, sun rays should not go inside it, humidity level remains constant.

  • Temperature

You should keep your cigar at 64 F to 70 F temperature. If you do not keep your cigar in this temperature, then it might harm the ageing process. If you keep your cigar in above temperature, then it will start spoiling the tobacco inside the cigar.

  • Humidity

You should keep the humidity level of the cigar between 65% to 76% RH. Sometimes the humidor you bought won’t be able to give the percentage level which a cigar needs. So be careful while buying the humidor and keep your cigar safely.

This is the time you can keep your favourite cigar in the humidor. Remember buying a good quality of humidor for your cigar is very important to get the maximum level of relaxation.

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