How to fully Enjoy Your First Cigar

How to fully Enjoy Your First Cigar

You might have bought your first pack of the cigar but you are not sure how to get the best experience. This is for sure that you are going to learn new every day when you use the cigar. In this guide, we will tell you what you can do have the best experience with your first cigar.

So, you stumbled on this topic which means you bought your first cigar. To start with there will be new surprises for you every day when you try your cigar. To have the best experience, we have mentioned few tips which we wish someone might have told us:


  • Choose the place wisely


The first time when you use a cigar the place plays an essential role. You should go to a cigar lounge as the place is very calm and everyone is respectful. You need to be focused and for that, you can even try it at home.


  • Look for the right cigar


Getting the right cigar is very essential. For the first time, do not opt for the biggest cigar. Just focus on getting a smooth and tasty cigar without affecting your nose and mouth. Ask the salesman at the cigar shop as they will give you the best advice.


  • Cut the cigar Properly


It might seem easy to cut the cigar but if you cut some important lines then it can create a problem. Use a sharp cutter and cut should be that much that the first cap comes off. Keep in mind cutting too much means you cannot undo it.


  • Toasting it properly


There are high chances that you might put the cigar on flame, which you should not do. Hold the cigar in angle and ignite the lighter, also the flames should not touch the leaves. To lit, the cigar properly keep rotating it.


  • Blow out


Before puffing the smoke you should blow the smoke out. Gently blow the accumulated smoke out of your mouth.


  • Never Inhale


When you used the traditional smoking product who might have inhaled directly to the lungs which turned into crazy coughing. If you do this with cigar it will be even worse, avoid this completely. Gently suck the air and fill the mouth with it. Let it stay there for a few seconds and then gently blow it. You can ask the shop owner of the cigar shop about the different flavors which you can try.


  • Give it some time


You should enjoy your time when you use the cigar for the first time. Between the puffs, you should keep a gap of one minute. This also means that cigar will burn at a constant pace, gives you the best flavor and prevent the issue of nausea. Also, keep yourself hydrated by drinking water.

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