Mistakes That New Vapers Make

Mistakes That New Vapers Make

Vapers on the move are a common sight. If you are traveling with your vape device,then obviously you must have equipped yourself with all the accessories. It’s going to be fun traveling with your vaping supplies in tow. But one needs to be a bit careful when it comes to ensuring that your vaping supplies don’t run out.

We all have done the borrowing and emergency buying stuff with our cigarettes. We just needed to figure out the nearest cigarette store or borrow some from a friend who indulged in the same activity. It is pretty easy to get supplies related to smoking. But we are talking about vaping, so it is a bit different. Let’s see what mistakes the vapers commit often-

  1. Not easy to find vape stores

You won’t find vape stores as frequently as cigarette stores. Even if you find a vape shop, it won’t be as easily accessible as cigarette stores are and will require time to locate. The easier option will be to stock up on your liquid in abundant amount.

  1. Take care of the charging

You know that your vape device is battery operated. You will need to keep it charged. It won’t be a problem if you are near an electrical socket but if you are planning a tour in the wild, it will be a serious issue.

  1. You can’t borrow a vape

It’s not a good move to borrow vape from someone. It will not be a very hygienic solution to your vaping problems. You might end up with some infection the other fellow might be carrying. Also, you can’t borrow it on the a permanent basis, you will have to give it back ultimately.

What is the solution?

The ultimate solution to this problem is that you should either carry a lot of supplies or another device as a backup. So which option is better? Let’s take a look –

Carrying Additional Supplies

It involves carrying a small bag with all the supplies stashed in. It should contain spare batteries, liquid, and coils. You will need to carry a power bank if your device doesn’t have a removable battery. It is essential to keep your batteries in the jacket so that they don’t fuse and cause a fire.

Carry a Backup Vape

Carry a smaller and lighter version of the main vape device. Having a smaller device with lower battery power will ensure that the nicotine lasts longer and you can vape for a longer period. It will be a boon until the main device is able to function again.

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