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Gone are the days of smoking being looked down upon. With the latest vape pods, stamped by our premium quality seal,  vaping is the twenty-first century’s answer to smoking. JUUL pods present to you the too-good-to describe-vaping experience which comes literally in a box. The easiest to understand design is one of the primary factors which will make you fall in love with it. The body essentially comprises of a battery, a temperature regulator and a set of sensors. While the battery keeps the devices charged, the temperature regulator performs the duty of temperature regulation. The sensors perform the duty of sensing the charge as well as the act of vaping. It also contains an atomizer which carries the e-liquid, the soul of the vaping device. The nicotine based e-juice determines the  JUUL flavors. The most pleasurable thing about JULL vape pods is that they provide you with a fresh coil in each pod, now that tosses away the headache of replacing the coil every now and then. The devices available at JUUL pods cape may store also have the provision of serving as a mouthpiece. The pods are fully rechargeable.  Your device will be ready for another round of pleasurable puffing after an hour or so. The USB charger provided with it is compact and easy to carry.









As The Journey Unfold

As you navigate through this page, you will realize it is a boon for people who want to quit smoking but are not quite comfortable with total abstinence. Well, Vape pods are a blessing for such people who could take some time to get over there pining for nicotine. The smokers will be surprised to know that our devices are quite capable of delivering a strong nicotine strength vaping experience so that you may not miss the good old cigarette. Our uniqueness also lies in the fact that we do not burn but vaporize the liquid which makes a great difference to the effects it has on your health. Of course, along with ease of use, we offer premium quality assurance as our products are manufactured with medical grade plastic. We also ensure that the liquids filled in the pods are extracted from natural resources.

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