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Puff with pleasure: a guide to our prestigious products, Phix Vape Pods

Phix Vape is the ideal product if you are looking for the most outstanding vape flavors. The company behind the product, Major League Vapers (MLV), is a pioneer in the field of vaping. The company has been behind the manufacture and evolution of vaping kits ever since 2010.

With the market flooded with various Vaping kits, we would like to mention a few points which set Phix Vape a class apart. The most significant constituent, the e-juice boasts of premium quality. The design of the kit is innovation at its best. Our juices are produced exclusively by Brewell MFG, keeping the design of the kit in mind. Both the elements combine to give you the most pleasurable puff you can have on the earth. Try our range of Phix Vape Flavors and you will know what we are talking about.



Tobacco Ice Pack Pods


Original Blend Tobacco Pods

Mixed Flavour Pods


Cool Melon Pack Pods

Hard Strawberry Pods


Spearmint Pods

Tobbaco Butterscotch Pods

A Glance At Our Vape kits

A vape kit manufactured by us consists of a 280 mAh battery. It has the capacity to accommodate 1.5ml of e-juice formulated specifically for our kits. Our pods offer 100-450 vapes for experiencing pure ecstasy. A charged vape pod will last for around 200-220 puffs. It facilitates you with a 3.7v output. A ceramic coil which offers resistance of 1.5 ohms provides great ease of use. It has the provision of a USB charger which is best used when you are not indulging in vaping. Our pods have an assorted range of flavors so that the users can enjoy a wide variety of taste.

Our historic journey

Phix Vape Store combines pleasure with ease of use by providing easy changeability of flavors. The Phix pods have just 5% nicotine content and capacity to hold 1.5 ml liquid. Our classic flavors which range from tobacco, menthol, and strawberry are bound to give you an exhilarating experience. The pods have a mixed refill pack so that you don’t miss the fun of variety in flavors. The recent launch of Mango and Raspberry Pods has lent a magical touch to the world of vaping.
So when are you ordering your next vaping kit? Get into action as soon as possible.

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