Reasons Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Reasons Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Why Does The Vape Taste So Bad?

If you are fond of vaping, you must be knowing the burnt taste which comes in your mouth when the vape burns. This kind of flavor cannot be tolerated by anyone. Most of the people who vape with e-cigarette are not aware of the fact that why they are getting such a flavor from the vape.

Chain Vaping

Chain vaping means having many hits, without taking a break. This is one of the main reasons for a vape flavor to burn out. People who vape frequently sometimes get very excited about putting a new amount of juice in their tank. It might feel good to the person who is excited to try the new juice, it does not benefit the health of the coil of your vape. Chain vaping will destroy the coil because the coil dries out. Hence, the coil burns out.

What Can Be Done To Stop Chain Vaping?

Though the process may seem to be an easy one, stopping chain vaping is not that easy. Many people who have recently started vaping use to smoke earlier. Hence it is a hard habit to leave.

Chain vaping is a way to help people who have cravings of nicotine. The best way to do is to buy a juice made out of a high amount of nicotine. You can get these juices in vape stores, easily. Juices which are made out of the high concentration of nicotine are very popular with people who vape. Inhaling vapor for long periods of time is another thing which is liked by people who regularly vape. All of these habits can help the person stop chain vaping.

What Importance Does Priming The Coils Hold In Vaping?

The guy at the e-cigarette store must have told you about the importance of priming the coils. Now, get to know about it in a better way. One of the reasons for a coil getting damaged because it has not been primed before using. Priming the coil is the most important steps to be done in vaping. Priming is the process when wick of the coil is wrapped in vape juice.  If you do not prime your coil, then you are not taking proper care of the same. Without priming the coil, the coil will become dry, hence lead to burning.

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