Which type of cigar is preferred for the smoking session in the winter season?

Which type of cigar is preferred for the smoking session in the winter season?

We all know winters are knocking our doors where the days are becoming short and nights are becoming longer. We can see some people wearing full sleeves clothes also. But this will make it hard for cigar lovers to smoke a cigar. But need not to worry every problem comes with a solution and for this, we are having a good- quality cigar will help you in staying warm in the winter season. If you will purchase the cigar from a local shop, then you might end up having a local cigar. So make sure you are going to buy the cigar from a cigar store in cape may.

Buy from us?

If your friends or loved ones are going to force you to smoke cigar staying outside in winters. Then make sure you are buying a smaller cigar. You can enjoy the cigar as well as you will finish it fast. If you are searing a smaller cigar then do not worry.

We are going to talk about our two favourite cigars which we are sure you are going to love it that are mentioned below:

Montecristo Cigar

You can buy Montecristo’s white label cigar if you are looking for a smaller one. It is creamy as well as rich in flavours you can smoke in winters. You can enjoy the moment or occasion buying especial no. 2 or especial 3 which are suitable for buying in winters. This is a 4-inch cigar which lasts for 30 minutes. It depends on you whether you want to smoke a cigar a little faster and finish it in less than 30 minutes also.

Romeo Y Julieta

Romeo Y Julieta is our other favourite cigar which you can buy from us. This cigar is smaller in size but it is rich in flavours which can turn out your normal evening into the best one. It is having a mellow flavour which is smooth and comes in mild to medium-bodied. It will leave you with some spicy flavour in your mouth. Julieta and Petit Julieta will be the best companions in winters for you. So if you are looking for a cigar to smoke then why don’t you buy these. In fact, these cigars are the evidence that you can get the premium cigars smaller in size without ruining the quality as well as a taste of the cigar.

Why humidor is important

You should also buy the humidor to keep your cigar safe. If you will not be able to keep the cigar safe, then you might end up wasting your money. Keeping the cigar in humidors will help your cigar to stay rich in flavours.


These are the types of cigars preferred for a smoking session in the winter season.

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