Things you should keep in mind while choosing a cigar for yourself

Things you should keep in mind while choosing a cigar for yourself

Getting difficulty in choosing a cigar for you? Do you have enough knowledge on how to buy a cigar? Till now you are trying it with friends and now are you going to buy it for the first time?

Or a beginner and want to make your first experience worth remembering. You were looking for the answers to these questions. Right? Starting something new is always as exciting as watching sunsets or sunrises with your loved ones. But some people are scared of trying something new because of lack of knowledge, confidence no matter how much you love that thing.

Doing things in an inappropriate manner will never harm you. For that you should be having ample knowledge otherwise your good experience can turn into a bad one.

  • Brand

The bigger the name, the greater the price. You can get different types of cigar brands in the market. Brand differs the price of the cigar. It depends upon you which brand you would love to have and the flavours you love. Romeo y Julieta, Por Larranaga, Punch etc are the oldest brands of cigars.

  • Price

The larger the cigar, the higher the price because it needs extra effort in rolling and has more stuff filled in it. The price starts from Rs 750 to Rs 4000 in India.

  • Quality

While buying cigars give importance to the quality over anything. Quality matters when it comes to the flavour. Don’t forget that one hand-rolled cigar will cost more than tobacco filled by a machine in a cigar. The cigar comes in different sizes and shapes and made up of three components are the filler, the blinder leaf and wrapper leaf.

  • Quantity

If you are a cigar lover then buy in bulk which will save your money. But make sure to keep them safe otherwise you will waste your money. You must be wondering how? Simple by spoiling your cigars. You have to keep them safe as a mother keeps their child safe.

  • Age

Age plays a vital role the more cigar is old the more precious it becomes. The old cigars will give immense pleasure. The newer brands are also not bad though. But old brands have made their reputation in the market which is difficult for newer brands to beat. Some cigars kept for ages and some for decades also and the taste of those cigars is just speechless.

  • Tax

Cigars are also taxed just like any other product. Different countries are having different tax values which they put on cigars store. You can search it on google to know how much your country takes tax on a cigar from you.

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