Tips To Change Vape Juice Without Affecting The Flavor

Tips To Change Vape Juice Without Affecting The Flavor

The market is filled with different mod and e-cigarettes. One thing which makes the difference in them is the flavor. The bad taste can occur when the vape juice is changed. The flavors can get mixed when the flavors mix. This guide will help you change vape juice without getting the flavor affected.

Follow the given tips so that the vape juice can change without affecting its flavor.

Select the flavor which fits with airflow and wattage

There is nothing like one flavor will fit everything. Some devices work in a better way. To know which one fits your device the best you need to look at the airflow and wattage.

According to the device, the airflow can be customized and you can also look at the airflow.

If the airflow is large then weaker flavor and if lower airflow then powerful flavor.

When you get the device from a vape shop and use it at a set wattage it reduces flavor options. The vape juice flavor will get affected by high heat.

Make sure that you read the manual instructions properly after getting the device from the vape store.

Here are some of the best flavor at the best temperature:

Higher Heat

  • Creamy
  • Desserts

Lower Heat

  • Menthol
  • Fruit

In case you like vaping different flavors then start using different tanks. Keep in mind which flavor works best with different tanks. It might be difficult if you are one budget but the vaping session will be better.

Fill the tank with the correct amount

Vapers think that more juice gives better flavor, but this is not right. In many cases, the vapers prefer to fill the tank to the fullest when they are trying different flavors. Each tank has a fill line on it so make sure to fill it to that level or even below that.

Empty the tank while switching the e-juice

  • At time vapers add e-juice before the tank is empty. This will make your vaping session the worst.
  • Vape until the tank the e-juice is not finished. When you want to add new juice, make sure to clean it. It would be best to clean each piece by rinsing it with water. Before filling it you should let the device dry properly and then fill new flavor in it.

Change the e-juice carefully

At times, when you try the new flavor it can give a bad taste. You might get surprised when you see how strong and overpowering the flavor is. This is not because of the liquid, so you need to be aware of changing the vape juice.

So, choose the best device for the e-juice. Before you add a new flavor, the device should be cleaned and dry. Once you do this, you will get the best vaping session.

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