What are the following steps involved in smoking your favourite cigar?

What are the following steps involved in smoking your favourite cigar?

In this blog, we are going to talk about some steps that will help you in smoking the best cigar.

Step 1: Search for a peaceful place

While smoking a cigar, you should make sure that you are smoking a cigar in a peaceful area. You can also smoke a cigar at home because that’s where you will get the perfect ambiance for smoking your favorite cigar. If you are a newbie, then make sure you are not smoking a cigar in a crowded place. Smoking a cigar in a calm environment will help you in getting relaxation. You can also google anything if you want to know about cigars.

Step 2: Search for the right cigar

Searching for the right cigar is not as easy a task as it looks. But make sure you are getting cigars from cigar stores in cape May. You do not know what type of cigar you want, then, need not worry. You can ask the owner of the shop. He will help you in searching for the right cigar according to your preferences.

Step 3: Cut your cigar

Cutting cigars will help you in enhancing the experience of smoking a cigar. It is observed that the premium cigars have 3 caps. Those caps will hold the foot of the cigar and close up the tobacco leaves after rolling a cigar. You must cut the cigar with the help of a sharp cutter. Be careful while cutting because you can spoil your cigar by cutting it long. It will end up opening the wrapper leaf to open up. If this situation occurs, then you are unable to smoke because a tobacco bit will come into your mouth that will ruin the experience of smoking cigars. You can also search for some good videos online that will help teach you how to cut a cigar perfectly.

Step 4: Toast

Never light your cigar by touching the flames on the cigar. You should adequately hold a cigar and ignite the lighter without touching the leaves of the cigar. If your cigar starts producing smoke, then make sure you are rotating the cigar until it is lighted up from every side. Also, do not burn cigars too much. If you are unable to light up your cigar, then say someone to light your cigar for you.

Step 5: Whaaaattt? Blow out instead of in

After lighting up your cigar, make sure you are blowing out the old smoke. It will help you in getting good smoke from a cigar. After blowing out the old smoke, after that, you can take a puff.

Step 6: Never Inhale

While smoking a cigar, make sure you are not inhaling it. If you inhale, then smoke will go straight into your lungs, you will end up coughing like a crazy human being. And we are sure you are never going to smoke cigars again. So avoid inhaling your cigar. The correct way of smoking a cigar is to fill your mouth with smoke and taste the cigar for a couple of seconds and blow it away.

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