What are the foremost tips to select premium cigar shapes and sizes?

What are the foremost tips to select premium cigar shapes and sizes?

We know the festive season is going on and if you are a cigar lover then your festival is incomplete without smoking a cigar. But make sure you are buying cigars from the cigar store in cape may.

Otherwise, there are chances you will end up buying a local cigar. If you are a beginner and gaining information about cigars then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the topmost tips on selecting good quality cigars.

Discuss with the shopkeeper

The cigar comes in different sizes, shapes and colours and much more. You should discuss the cigar with the shopkeeper before buying any cigar. But you should ask yourself some questions regarding cigar that are mentioned below:

  • You want to smoke a mild or strong cigar.
  • For how long do you want to smoke a cigar?
  • Which flavour I should pick and so on.

You should also buy a humidor to keep your cigar safe. If you will not purchase humidor then you will end up wasting your money and flavour of the cigar.

Check the shape

The cigar comes in different shapes and the price of the cigar also depends upon which type of cigar you are choosing. There are parejos and figurados available for you. Choosing the shape of the cigar is your preference. If you like smoking big cigars then buy parejo whereas the rest can go with figurados.

Size of the cigar

The cigar is measured based on length as well as ring gauge. The length of the cigar means how long the cigar will be and ring gauge means the thickness of the cigar. These are the factors that play an important role in making a good experience of smoking a cigar. The longer the cigar the longer the time it will take to finish. So if you are at parties or functions then buying the longer cigar is always a good idea. You can buy Churchill and spend quality time with your loved ones. The longer cigar will burn cooler and slowly as compared with another cigar. Having a mild flavour will help you in relaxing your mind. But the slighter ring size is the one who burns little faster and hotter as compared with larger cigars. The size and shape differ the taste of the cigar as well as wrapper and filler.

Gain experience

You should buy different types of cigars to help you gain experience. You should also try different flavours, sizes will help you in knowing which one is your favourite. And after some time you will end up buying the right cigar for yourself.



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