What are the notable and interesting facts about cigars that you should know?

What are the notable and interesting facts about cigars that you should know?

If you love smoking cigars, then you must be interested in knowing the fun facts about cigars right. If you are looking for fun facts, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will come to know numerous facts which will amaze you. Also always remember tod buy the cigar from a cigar store in cape May which will help you in getting the best quality cigar. Beginners should avoid buying cigars from local street shops because there is no guarantee that they will be keeping the best cigars with them. They should also start buying cigars from mild to a strong one.

Fun Facts about Cigars

● Do you even know where the cigar word comes from? It comes from the word cigarro.
● Christopher Columbus is the person who introduced tobacco to Europe.
● To increase the popularity of cigars the Roman Catholic missionaries are the ones who distributed tobacco seeds.
● Cuba is the place where the foremost Spanish cigar business was opened.
● Some people think that cigars have medicinal qualities whereas some people think that cigars are evil.
● In 1820, the first United States-based cigar company was established and the name of the company was Connecticut Broadleaf.
● In the early 1900s, in the United States, there were 10,000 cigars companies established.
● In 1800 smoking cigars was common whereas people were not aware of cigarettes.

Carnivals and Cigars
● In carnivals, cigars used to be the prize of the games which means people used to play the games to win the cigar as a prize. But these games used to be for adults. Children were not supposed to be present in games where a cigar was there.
● In the early 1900s, the cigar used to be expensive, and still, the price of the cigar is increasing with time.
● Cigar used to be expensive earlier and it was observed that there were 17 million cigar lovers in the united state.
● Not only men but women also used to smoke cigars.
● Males used to smoke traditional cigars whereas females used to smoke flavored cigars.
● People used to smoke cigars on special occasions instead of smoking cigars daily.

What are the fun facts about cigar manufacturing?
You will be astonished to know that in 2017, it is observed that 330 million cigars were imported in the US? The manufacturing of cigars is a long process because it takes little time. To harvest a tobacco plant it takes from 40 to 60 days. After this, the tobacco will be cured. In the curing process, the cigar absorbs the flavor which takes five years to complete. During the curing process, the cigar waits for the tobacco to change its color from green to yellow to brown.


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