What are the steps you need to learn how to smoke your first cigar?

What are the steps you need to learn how to smoke your first cigar?


The cigar is considered as the prerequisite for enjoying the time to the fullest. Having the cigar along with you in your favourite time is going to make the entire scenario even better.

If you are planning to buy your first cigar from the cigar store, then here are a few points which you need to keep in mind:

How do you need to get started?

  • Many cigar smokers are afraid of buying a complete novice when they start. Do not worry that everyone has to start somewhere. There are different types of cigar which are best for a strong first-timer. This can even turn off the prospect of smoking.
  • The ideal choice is to start with a mid-flavored cigar. This is a cheaper and good option to start a new hobby to do it in your pass time. You do not have to worry about messing up the cigar by incorrectly lighting it or prepping it. When you visit the local cigar shop it is going to give you the best recommendations for beginners so that it can help you set the right smoking session. Additionally, make sure that you check the quality.
  • Good quality cigars should not have any discolorations or cracks. Hitting the right spot is going to give you the right smoking session.


What are the steps for prepping?

Whether you are smoking alone or gathered with friends, you need the following steps to smoke a cigar:

  • A lighter or wooden matches
  • Ashtray
  • Cigar cutter

All the cigar options have uniform makeup. The head or cap is the end where the mouth is put. It is sealed and needs to be cut off. You can use a specialized cigar wherever it is possible. The foot is the side which you can light. Right before the cap is the filler in which there is a blend of dried tobacco.


What are the steps of Lighting?

  • Cut the cigar by using a cutter. Slice 1/8th of an inch of the cap.
  • Tilt the cigar and toast the foot by letting the tobacco heat before you need to light it up.
  • Spark your lighter. With your cigar in the mouth, puff and begin to rotate it around the flame and it should not touch the cigar. It can also be roasted in a circular motion with the help of a traditional cigar butane lighter.
  • Keep your lighter on hand. It is even out by blowing it gently and this happens when it is red hot and glows evenly.
  • Smoke but do not inhale. Take a puff once or twice every minute.
  • Tap gently on the ashtray. Don’t smash it directly because it can extinguish the light.


Select a Quality cigar

Buying a premium and quality cigar is important to make your smoking session even more perfect. Additionally, you can store them in the humidor so that they do not lose their flavor, aroma, and moisture.


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