What are the topmost different methods of rolling a cigar which experts use?

What are the topmost different methods of rolling a cigar which experts use?

Rolling a cigar is an art and not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a beginner in smoking a cigar, then need not to worry. In this article, we are going to talk about different methods of rolling a cigar. But make sure you are buying your cigar from a cigar store in Cape May.

Skilled art form

Paintings, sculptures, music cannot be produced through technology. They are created by the artist in the same way a person should be skilled enough to roll a cigar properly. Cigars like Romeo y Julieta, Cohiba Cuban Cigars and so on are man-made that’s why they are popular among cigar lovers. The flavours, richness will not be the same if these cigars were made by machines. You will be amazed to know that over 200 years Cuba is made by skilled persons instead of machines.

What do people need to make a cigar?

The cigar torcedores don’t need many types of equipment to roll a cigar. They need a chair, wooden board, knife, round cutter, guillotine, glue, and gauge.

Methods of rolling a cigar

The experts will lay out the leaves from left to right. There are different types of leaves such as filler leaves, binder and wrapper leaves and then bunching some filler tobaccos and binder. There are different types of bunching mentioned below:

Entubado Bunching

This professional will roll the filler leaves and then keep them side by side to collect into a bunch. The Ligero leaf is placed in the centre of the filler which strengthens the cigar as well as seco leaf is kept alongside. The last but not the least volado leaf which is milder in taste as well as burns fastly. Then the binder leaves are collected and make a cigar by wrapping the bunch. This is a technique which is done carefully.

Accordion Bunching

This is a type of bunching which includes folding of filler leaves. Until the bunching takes place the experts will keep the folded leaf on one other. Then the leaves are rolled up in the binder as well as wrapper leaf.

Book Bunching

This is the easiest as well as simple method. The expert lay the filler leaves to place the leaves on each other and fold them like a book. This technique will not allow the flow of air. This method is famous among the experts when they are making premium cigars.

Lieberman bunching

The Lieberman bunching is done with a tool called Lieberman. The equipment will help the experts in rolling the cigar. The benefit of this process is it increases the productivity of the cigar by reducing the bunching in the cigars.

Hybrid Bunching

To give the cigar a shape such as torpedos and perfectos hybrid bunching is used. This will help to make a cigar in proper shape.

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