What are the topmost tips to follow when you smoke your first cigar?

What are the topmost tips to follow when you smoke your first cigar?

In this blog, we are going to mention the topmost tips which should be followed when you buy your first cigar from the best cigar store in Cape May.

  • Find a comfortable and relaxing area

You might not believe this but the place where you want to smoke should be at peace. The best place is to visit the cigar lounge as people are extremely respectful and they do not let anyone come into your space. It means if you love to talk then you will be allowed to talk. The most important part is that you need to find a relaxing and comfortable environment. If you don’t want to go outside then you can smoke at your place where you can focus on the smoking session 100%. In case you want to smoke then you need to google it.

  • Find the best quality cigar

If you are looking for the best cigar then you need to do some research. If you want to take the darkest, biggest, and most powerful cigar then go for it. You will have the time to experiment with something new and in the future, you can try something better.

  • Cut the cigar properly

To cut a cigar might seem simple but it is not. If you do it wrong then it is going to ruin the entire experience. You must choose the option which gives you the best experience. Keep in mind that you can cut a bit further, but you do not have the option to undo it. So, you shouldn’t cut it further. You need to cut in a way that the blade is not jammed and the leaves are not destroyed. If you are struggling to cut it correctly, then ask the professionals to tell you what should be done.

  • Toast it

The first instinct of every person is to get the lighter and flame it directly and enjoy the puff. But, you should not do this. You need to hold the cigar at an angle, ignite the lighter without the need for a flame. Make sure that the leaves are not touched. Just the lighter heat can help to start the smoke. To light it up from all directions you need to rotate the cigar. You should not bother yourself by trying to make it perfect. You should try to overdo it or do it differently as it is going to give an unpleasant taste.

  • You should never inhale

When people try to smoke cigarettes they try to inhale the smoke directly into the lungs and this can make them cough like anything. If you try to do this with a cigar then it is going to ruin the entire experience and you won’t feel like using the cigar or even smoke again. You need to suck the air gently, fill the mouth and it is going to give you a tasty smoke session.


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