What are the ways to identify whether the cigar is fake or original?

What are the ways to identify whether the cigar is fake or original?

You love smoking the cigar occasionally. You choose a cigar from the cigar store instead of buying it from any local place. Are you the one who chooses a cigar over a cigarette because the cigar is having more relaxant chemicals in it than in a cigarette? If you are buying a cigar in bulk then make sure to keep it in a safe place otherwise you will end up wasting your money. While buying a cigar make sure to check the age, taxes, shape, and length of the cigar.


What are the advantages of buying a cigar?

Some of the advantages of buying the cigar are mentioned-below:

  • Relaxation– It gives you relaxation because of the relaxant chemical inside the cigar.
  • Duration– The duration of smoking the cigar is dependent upon the length of the cigar.
  • Calms you- It calms you and lowers your blood pressure.
  • Price– The price of the cigar is dependent upon the shape and length of the cigar. The bigger the length the higher the price of the cigar.
  • Age of the cigar– The older the cigar the more you enjoy while smoking it.

 How to identify whether a cigar is fake or original? 

Sometimes a person is not able to identify whether the product is fake or real. It is possible they do not pay attention to the product details and end-up regretting their decision. While buying a cigar because it is having the ability to put your life at risk. Now you must be thinking how? While smoking the cigar some people have the habit of inhaling the smoke. If the cigar is not original you won’t be able to enjoy the cigar session.

 Now the question comes how you can identify whether the cigar is fake or original?  

  • Taste of the cigar

After smoking a poor quality cigathe taste of the mouth will be very bad. While smoking you won’t be able to enjoy it. Be careful while buying the cigar.

  • Packaging

Check the packaging of the cigar. You will come to know the difference between fake or original cigars.  

  • Ash of the cigar

Ashes of the cigar matters. After seeing the ash of the cigar you will come to know whether you are smoking an original cigar or fake one. The colour of the ash should be bright white which is a sign that you are smoking the real one. 

  • The place from where you are buying

Where you are buying your cigar from matters a lot. You should buy a cigar from the cigar store, liquor shop but don’t buy it from any local vendor or guy selling cigars. 


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