What is Meant by Vapers Tongue?

What is Meant by Vapers Tongue?

Vaping has become very popular because of the way it does not lead to any harmful effect on the body. But one issue which vaper might have gone through is vapers tongue and this is common. In this guide, we are going to tell you about vapers tongue.

One of the common conditions which vapers must have dealt with is Vapers tongue. This occurs when there is a sudden and dramatic loss of taste for many days. The loss of taste is the flavor of e-juice but it can extend to food and drinks also.

However, this condition is just for temporary basis so there is nothing to worry about and it can be solved by trying a few techniques.

What is the reason for Vapers Tongue?

There are different factors which can lead to vaper’s tongue. However, vaping for a long period which is known as chain vaping is the root cause for this issue. Apart from this, some of the things which can lead to this situation include:

Damaged Taste Buds

If the tastebuds functioning is not proper for whatever reason, there will be a problem tasting the e-liquid. Drinking alcohol, smoking, and eating spicy foods are all the causes of this issue. Tastebuds have a natural lifecycle which dyes as well as re-grow after every week and a half.


Inhaling smoke or vapor can dehydrate the body to a large extent. A dehydrated state means saliva in the mouth is very less, forcing the tongue to work twice to do its job properly. You should drink a glass of water in between your vaping sessions.

Vaping the Same Flavor Continuously

The flavor is not going to cause vaper’s tongue but the e-juice flavor will diminish with time if you are vaping only one of it. This is simply because the taste buds grow over very quickly with constant flavor. Some vapers think that the e-juice ingredients coat the tongue in a thin film after some time and leaves no room for flavor. Try changing the e-juice to get rid of the muted flavor. Make sure you buy the vaping product from the best vape shop. If you are unable to find one then you should visit our vape store. 

Stuffy Nose

The nose plays an extremely important role in this. It is because, it helps in knowing about the flavor sense whether is food, beverage, or e-juice. Is the nasal passage is blocked then it will not allow getting the taste properly and it will function in half.

To Conclude

The Vaper’s tongue is very common. It is a rare serious concern to the health. Give yourself some time between the sessions and try switching the flavors so that you can enjoy properly.

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