What is Sub Ohm Vaping and its Benefits?

What is Sub Ohm Vaping and its Benefits?

So, you are wondering if there is any way which can help you get dense and large clouds. Well, there is a cloud chasing competition in which thing is kept in mind by the vapers. In that case, the perfect choice is sub ohm vaping. Read the given topic to learn more about this.

What is sub ohm vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is also referred to as sub ohming. With this vaping style, larger clouds will be produced. Sub ohm device uses the coils of low resistance less than one ohm. Along with that, it does provide proper airflow which is direct lung inhalation. In this case, a minimum of 40 watts can be put and a higher level can be more than 200 watts.

No with time, many options are available in different styles. The sub-ohm devices are linked with a direct lung in which the coils can be 0.5 ohms or lower.

Benefits of Sub ohm vaping

It does not only produce big clouds, but there are other advantages also which you can get from this.


  • Intense flavor


With the sub ohm coils, a lot of e-juice can be vaporized at one time. This means with each puff your tongue is going to get tons of flavor.

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  • Warmer vape


In some cases, the vapers prefer to have a warm vape. This option is best to attain by using the sub-ohm. The best choice is to opt for low-ohm coils and high-wattages.


  • Increased airflow


To get the best vaping experience with the sub-ohm the option the direct lung inhale is the best choice and unrestricted airflow. In this case, more airflow is needed so that the higher heat from the coils is cooled down properly.


  • Large clouds


Many vapers want that they blow the clouds which are large & dense. In that case, the first option will be the sub ohm. If you are looking to become a competitive vapor then sub ohm devices will be first option for you.

Let’s know a little about cloud chasing

Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing is the option when a huge cloud is blown by using the vaping device. Cloud chasers are trying out new methods so that they produce the biggest cloud. This is true that to do it safely you should know everything about it and experience is a must. The only way to get dense cloud production is sub-ohm.

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