What is the role of fillers in making cigars and its different types?

What is the role of fillers in making cigars and its different types?

Some people love smoking cigars over a cigarette. One cigar is having more relaxant chemicals which will give you more relaxation as compared to one cigarette. If you want the amount of relaxation one cigar gives then it will take 15 to 16 cigarettes to smoke. Some people love smoking cigars on a daily basis and some occasionally. The cigar comes in different flavours as well as there are the things through which you can buy a cigar from cigar store are the age of the cigar, taxes, length of the cigar, etc. Cigar needs extra care if you are buying in bulk then be very careful if you will not keep them in a safe place then you will waste your money. 

The older the cigar the more pleasure you will get and the longer the cigar is the higher the price of the cigar. In this pandemic, you can’t go outside but all you can do is speak with your friends, smoke a cigar and share your experience with them. It will give you relaxation as well as time to spend with your friends. If you are new to a cigar then you must be wondering about the role of fillers in making a cigar. Then don’t worry this article is for you.

  • Filler

The fillers play a vital role and it is responsible for how strong a cigar will be. The filler leaves to put in the centre of the cigar. There are different types of filler leaves are:

  • Seco
  • Volado
  • Ligero

There are different types of fillers mixed, long and short fillers.

  • 1. Short fillers

Short filler cigars are the one who will burn faster and a little hotter as compared to mixed and long-fillers. Tobacco leaves will be chopped in this.

  • 2. Mixed fillers

In mixed fillers, both short and long-fillers will be there. The short filler will be rolled in long leaves for the better taste and a person can smoke for more time as compared to short filler cigars.

  • 3. Long fillers

In long-filler cigars, the whole tobacco leaves will be there which is a sign of the quality of the cigar as well. It burns slowly and gives better smoke to the person who is smoking a cigar.

  • Binder 

Binder leaf is used to keep tobacco together. The combination of filler and binder is known as a bunch. Wrapper, filler and binder are the three main components while making a handmade cigar.

  • Wrapper

The wrapper is the expensive part of the cigar because it is the outer layer of tobacco of the cigar. It comes in different types from light to dark i.e from double Carlo to Oscuro.

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