When Does vape Tank Start Smelling?

When Does vape Tank Start Smelling?

The craze of vaping is definitely increasing. But, it is also essential that you use the device in a proper way and clean it. Otherwise, you will notice that the tank is leaving a bad odor. For this, it is essential to understand what things can make the vape tank to smell.

Vapers always want they should get the best experience while using their vaping product. To treat themselves even better they spend extra money to get the best e-liquid flavor. But, if you do not take care of the tank then you might notice your vape tank vaping the bad odor. In this case, it is essential that you find what is the reason so that you can solve it.

  • Using the e-liquid of Low Quality

The very first thing which can lead to the problem is using an e-liquid of low quality. Actually, the low-quality e-juice means they might have a chemical-like odor which can make your entire experience unpleasant. Moreover, the ingredients which are present in it are not able to handle the wattage level at which you are using your vaping device. So, it means you have to reconsider your choice to get the best vaping experience. You should buy the best e-liquid from the vape juice store.

  • Issue with Coil

Sometimes the problem is with the coil which leaves an unpleasant odor in the tank. If the coil is flooded or burnt then you will get a very bad smell. Before using it, you should check the tank to check if the coil is not a problem. Make sure you buy the best vaping device from the vape store.

  • Changing the flavors without cleaning them

It is also essential that you clean the tank when you are switching the flavors or trying a new one. You need to was the components properly so that if there is any smell it should go away. Otherwise, the residue will remain there and it will clash with the aroma and flavor of new e-juice.

  • The tank is not cleaned frequently

For best results, you should clean the tank every weak. This way, the juice will not get stinky and it won’t leave any bad smell. Additionally, it will also help to get rid of bacteria which might be present there. If you are not sure how to clean them then ask the shopkeeper while buying it from the vape shop.

How to wash the components of vape tank?

  •   You should take the entire part completely.
  • Make a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol, then put all the components in this.
  • Keep them in this mixture for 10 minutes.
  • Keep them on a paper towel to dry for about thirty minutes. If the components are very dirty then take a cotton swab and rub off the residue.

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