Which Mod Type is best Regulated or Unregulated?

Which Mod Type is best Regulated or Unregulated?

Stepping into the vaping world for the first time, you might be overwhelmed by the different terms you are getting to hear. The most important one which you need to know about is the mod type which includes regulated and unregulated type. Read the given topic to learn which one is best.

Vaping is becoming popular and it does allow you to choose from different options. But, this can be confusing at times if you are vaping for the first time. One of the terms is “MOD” which is referred to as a modified device. There are 2 types of MODs Regulated and Unregulated. We have mentioned the difference between these two:

Regulated Device

A regulated vaping device has an electronic circuit and this allows the user to control certain types of features like temperature adjustments and power. You can control as well as adjust the settings. The added bonus is that the feature of a security mechanism is there.

But yes, the regulated mods have certain limits in terms of the type of atomizer and how they are going to work. According to type, you might need an atomizer coil which can support.

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  • The output is consistent irrespective of the battery life.
  • Regulated mod have different safety features
  • Made for the beginners
  • Various sizes and shapes


  • Every coil will not fire
  • Electronic parts can malfunction
  • Too many features can make it confusing

Unregulated Device

In terms of functionality, the unregulated device is the most common option. This is because they need to press by using a button. You push it and this way the device sends the power of the raw battery to the atomizer. Along with that, there is no need for electronic circuits, temperature settings, power adjustments, and other features.


  • No limitation of coil resistance
  • No problem of breaking and malfunction
  • Easy to fix
  • Ease to use
  • They are generally smaller in size


  • Understanding battery safety and Ohm’s Law
  • Not safe for beginner vapers
  • When the battery is drained the current will drop

Who should use regulated mods?

  • New to vaping
  • Want to have controlled vaping experience
  • Understand the safety features of the device
  • Want to have the various options
  • Want to use something with cool & advanced features

Who should use the unregulated device?

  • Know the working of atomizer and coil.
  • Want to get into strong and intense vaping
  • Love to have simple designs

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