What are white spots on cigars and state the difference between plume and Mold?

What are white spots on cigars and state the difference between plume and Mold?

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What is Plume?

  • Plume is powdery white dust that is present on the top of the cigar, and sometimes known as Bloom. Plume created by the filler, binder, and wrapper oils of a beautifully aged cigar. On the wrapper, these oils crystallize to produce a soft ashy substance. Plumes can take months or years to develop.

  • Usually, cigars with a foggy, hazy powder are wrapped into cellophane. Cristalline greyish, sparkling, naked cigars often acquire crystalline specks that cover a whole cigar in the wrapping veins at higher levels.

  • Plume is great for having your cigars. It reveals a fine cigar and strong moisture. It’s the perfect moment to settle down and smoke when your cigars get a plume. Though bloom does not enhance your cigar ‘s flavor, it just feels nice to smoke a stogie in its best state. It is not necessary for all cigars to grow powder. There’s absolutely no reason to panic because you don’t see a plume on the stogies. Plume is popular in oil wrapping stogies such as Maduro.

If you get a plume on the cigar, what to do?

The plume is quick to bring out. Only clean it down to make sure it is seen. This won’t leave a mark while it is blooming. Some marks left on the wrapper indicate that you have more trouble. Often note that the feather never develops at a cigar ‘s foot. Therefore, you will mold because you have something at the foot of your stogie.

How do you differentiate Bloom (Plume) and Mold?

When it’s covered, mold leaves a residue, but the plume falls off without a trace. Plume (or Bloom) is good; this is mainly solidified oil, a sign that your cigars are well-aged. Mold is a sign that the air is too humid for your cigars.

Difference between mold and plume

On cigars, the mold can develop as it may on anything too humid. It’s a greenish-grayish paint on a cigar and can not be torn by the tooth. On the other side, the plume or bloom is a crystalline white grayish that appears like cigar dots. They ‘re going to vanish if you smooth them or scratch them with your thumb. Plume is an aged cigar ‘s intended by-product. Any cigar oils are secreted to render these exquisite crystals symbol of a cigar that is really well treated.

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