Why is it important for every man to learn the art of cigar smoking?

Why is it important for every man to learn the art of cigar smoking?

Cigar smoking is an Art

Cigar smoking art is not for everyone. If someone is planning to do that then they need to learn a bit about this art.

Hand-rolled Vs Machine made

The method by which they are made is the easiest to understand cigars and differentiate them. These include 2 groups: hand-rolled and machine-made.

  • Hand-rolled cigars are best for beginners and these are filled with pure tobacco.
  • Machine-made cigars such as Dutch masters might have preservatives and chemicals.

The cigar tobacco is grown in different places around the world but to get the quality cigar these are found in Cuba, Brazil, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. This can be best for those who want to taste a grape-flavored cigar.


How should I get started?

  • First of all, you need to find a mild and nice cigar to start with. If you are a beginner and start with a strong one it is going to ruin the entire experience. The flavored cigars are extremely cheap which makes it easier to make them a hobby. Additionally, this makes lighting the cigar or cutting off it precisely.
  • Once you find the cigar, check the wrapper, look for the discoloration or cracks. If there is a soft area then it means less tobacco and you should not buy that one.
  • If there are hard spots then it is packed tightly which can ruin your smoking experience greatly.



You are still learning the art of smoking, so you should not purchase a humidor. You should buy the amount of cigar which you need to smoke. To prevent the cigar from drying out, buy a tupperware container or keep the cigar is cellophane. If the cigar is dry then it burners quickly, loses its aroma, and even cracks easily.

If you want to commit to the old-age past, then the humidor is a must which is in a box-shape. You should keep the cigar in this container and its freshness will be there for a long time.


Cutting the cigar

People think they don’t need a cigar cutter when they have teeth to bite the cigar. Well, you should avoid this habit while using a cigar. You can work with a scissor or a sharp knife to get better results. This will give an easy pathway between the mouth and tobacco without unraveling the cigar or getting tobacco bits in the mouth.

Hands down, the best smoking experience comes with a cigar cutter. You can buy the one which suits your style and this makes it an easy way to cut the cigar.


Lighting the cigar

Lighting the cigar is important to make the experience the best. You need to light the cigar but make sure it does not touch the flame.


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