You Should Never Vape in These Six Countries

You Should Never Vape in These Six Countries

You may not be aware of it that vaping and smoking is illegal in many countries. These are Dubai, Punjab, Qatar Airways, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In order to get the detailed information you must read this article carefully because we write each and everything in this article related to vaping.

Actually, vaping is not dangerous for health because it is useful to quit traditional smoking. Millions of people smoke regularly which leads to too many health conditions such as lung cancer, mouth problems, and breathing problems as well. You can also get the knowledge from the vape store because they know well about vaping products.

Moreover, vaping is considered illegal in many countries and in some places because the government takes this similar to smoking. No doubt, the government of each and every nation does not allow a vape shop owner to sell his vaping products to children who are under 18 or 21 in some countries. And this is totally considered as illegal, places where vaping is banned, are listed below-:

  • Dubai
  • Punjab
  • Singapore
  • Qatar Airways
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand


Smoking and vaping are totally banned in Dubai, and you may have to pay a penalty if police catch up using vape products. If you are still in doubt, then I want to clarify your doubt here, my brother is working in MNC as an Audit Manager. And he went to Dubai last month with his colleagues. And he told us that one of his colleagues is used to use vaping products and their taxi driver fire the complaint against him. And only then we let to know that vaping is totally banned in Dubai which is the part of the UAE.


Punjab is the state of India where smoking is totally banned. And we listen to so many cases of breaking rules and those people get string punishment who break the rules. Also, they have to pay the cost of penalty which is too much. Punjab has strict rules because they know E-cigars contains nicotine, which is a form of chemical and harm your body parts. You cannot smoke at public places such as Bus stops, buses, railway stations, educational institutes, offices, and so on.


According to the law, you can buy the vaping products but with permission and if will try to break the rules, you will surely get a penalty. And this is also the same for sellers as well.

Qatar Airways

Vaping and smoking are banned almost in each and every airline. But in Qatar Airways it is strictly prohibited. And if they catch you then they find banned you permanently for Qatar Airways.

Hong Kong

This is totally similar to Punjab rules, you can not buy or sell smoking and vaping products. If you do this then you may be going to prison for at least 2 years.


You can not vape and smoke in Thailand. You be careful if you are a regular smoker and planning to visit Thailand.

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