Facts about JUUL Devices and alternatives available

Facts about JUUL Devices and Alternatives Available

The Juul devices came into the vape stores in 2015. The appliance is a tiny mod which completely transformed the vaping world. Many people enjoy a powerful appliance while others like a quiet vaping experience, which allows them to satisfy their desire to vape without getting any attention. Before Juul […]

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    Reasons Why your vape Tastes Burnt

Reasons Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Why Does The Vape Taste So Bad? If you are fond of vaping, you must be knowing the burnt taste which comes in your mouth when the vape burns. This kind of flavor cannot be tolerated by anyone. Most of the people who vape with e-cigarette are not aware of […]

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    a Research states that smokers should hang out with vapers to quit smoking

A Research States That Smokers Should Hang Out With Vapers To Quit Smoking

One of the most common problems that the world is facing is “how to quit smoking?”. There are many companies that are making a campaign to promote quit smoking. It is fact that because of smoking many death cases have been reported worldwide. Even after this tobacco is a legally […]

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    Tips to purchase your first box mod

Tips To Purchase Your First Box Mod

What is Box mod? A box mod is one of the types of vaporizers which is very powerful also. They are different other vaporizers in some way. The battery of box mod is long lasting than other vape pens. The use of box mod is increasing every day and especially […]

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