Burning Coil? Try These Tips

Burning Coil? Try These Tips

Vaping device have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. No doubt, it does give the best experience if you use it in the right way. But, sometimes it does create a problem as a coil gets burned. In this topic, we tell you different tips which will help you prevent your coil from burning.

Here are some tips in which you can stop the coil from burning.

  • Prime the coil Before you Vape

Before you start vaping, make sure you prime the coil otherwise it will burn the coil before you even start using it. If you are using a new coil it will take around 5 minutes to get it completely soaked. Add a few drops of e-juice 3 to 5 to prime the coil and then soak the wick. Make sure that each port is saturated with e-liquid. Some vapers take only a few puffs of e-cigarette even without pressing the button and the e-liquid gets into the wick. You should do it carefully because when you overdo it the coil will flood.

  • Set the Power Setting

When you start vaping at a higher wattage, with each puff you will get more liquid. It will form big clouds but this will impact the coil. Vaping at a faster rate will soak the e-liquid very quickly. But, it can go wrong as you might burn the wick.

What you have to do is reduce the power. If the flavor gets dry then and it might soak up the juice. But, if you are not getting the flavor and the coil is getting burned then make sure to decrease the power. You should get the best vaping device from our vape shop.

  • Use the e-liquid with more PG

Actually, PG is thinner as compared to VG. It is essential you keep the balance between the speed of wicking and vaporization speed. If the juice is not soaked properly then you will get dry puffs and wick will get burn. If you are regularly facing the issue then you need to change the VG around 50/50 or use PG. Make sure when you visit the vape juice shop ask the owner if you are not sure about something.

  • Keep the tank popped up

If the e-juice amount is very low, then wick might not get soaked properly. This can cause you problem while vaping.

For this, you should keep the tank popped up. If you see the performance is getting low then it the time to fill juice in the tank. To not get the flavors mixed you should empty it. After that rotate the tank so that wick soak it completely. If you are planning to buy a new e-liquid flavor then you should visit our vape store.

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