Welcome to the world of hemp. Hemp is an extract from cannabis which is specially formulated for people who want to relax after a tough work schedule. It is not to be substituted as a fully potential CBD product which gives you a stronger version of the CBD extracts. While some eco shots are designed to be taken in the morning to prep your energy levels and get you going for your daily chores, some are designed to induce sleepiness and help you relax. Take your pick from the two. While energy shots are common for increasing your activity level, EcoShot Relax helps in attaining a peaceful state of mind and drifting peacefully into a state of deep relaxation.

Ecoshot Energy + Hemp

Ecoshot Energy + Hemp 12ct

Ecoshot Relax + Hemp

Ecoshot Relax + Hemp 12ct

Energy shots do not have melatonin-producing properties which could induce drowsiness or sleepiness. In fact, it is an energy booster, considering its rich vitamin and mineral content. It is a unique product which offers health in a bottle. Available in various sizes, it has the least calories and strength of above 25mg of active ABD per bottle. Various blends like GABA, l-theanine, and kava may be found but there’s a broad spectrum from which you can choose. This must be taken in the morning or midday so that you keep going great guns, but it is not recommended for night usage as it may keep you from sleeping peacefully. You can also opt for Energy Drink which has the same effects. Take Hemp Energy Drink if you like your refreshing ingredients in a liquid form, you could opt for the hemp in a beverage form. They come in a flavored liquid form which you will find tough to resist. So have the privilege of drinking health benefits combined with a marvellous taste.

EcoShot Relax Hemp Energy is made specially to relax your body and keep the stress and worries of everyday living at bay. It should be taken in the evening so you can drift away into a state of relaxation and unwind, leading to a fresh mind for the challenges of the next day.

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