Common Causes of Burnt Vape Taste

Common Causes of Burnt Vape Taste

It has happened with all of us when we take a puff from the vape instead of getting soothing vapor we get burnt taste and it gives awful feeling in the throat. For the vapers, this is the worst thing to experience. Well, there are different causes behind burnt vape taste which we have mentioned in this topic.

In the world there are around 7 million people who vape regularly. These numbers are gradually increasing and there is no surprise in that. But yes there are few things which can make the vaping session worse. One of them is having burnt taste when you pick your vape device.

Well, there are different causes behind it which we are going to address here so that you can avoid this situation.

Chain Vaping

One of the main reasons for burnt taste is vaping continuously without taking breaks between puffs. This way the coil is damaged as the wick is not given to absorb the e-juice between puffs.

Using bad coil 

Sometimes when you buy the coil and use it gives a burnt taste, this is because the coil is not the best. Well, there is nothing much can be done for this but keep in mind to buy the coil from the best vape shop to avoid such issue. Getting the vaping product from the best vape store will help you get quality product.

Temperature is very high 

This is because the vape’s wattage is very high as compared to what the vape parts can handle. This issue is common among those who want to create really big cloud in the vaping session.

It is best that you vape at 15 to 20W to get the pretty satisfactory experience without worrying about getting burnt taste.

Cold temperature

  • Vape juice get affected by the temperature. In case you live somewhere cold then use of VG is on the borderline and with PG there will be tar-like consistency. Due to these issues, the vapers can get burnt taste.
  • To solve the problem, make sure that vape juice is kept in the room temperature. Another way is to keep the temperature normal is by keeping the bottle in warm water bottle.

Not cleaning the coil

  • Maintenance is a very important part which vapers need to follow. Not only it increases the vape length but it also avoid the issue of burnt taste as it reduces the cost of replacement.
  • The coil should be cleaned with cotton buds soaked in alcohol and use clear hot water to clean it properly as well as get rid of excess residue.

These suggestions will help to solve the issue and in case you are not still not satisfied then you should upgrade the vape with best.

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