What all you need to know about different quality cigar shapes and sizes?

What all you need to know about different quality cigar shapes and sizes?

Consider the size and shape of a Cigar

Cigar enthusiasts have a pretty good idea regarding the size of a cigar or what size type they can enjoy to the fullest. It might be slightly confusing to know which option you need to get. You can talk to the professionals when you visit the cigar store and they can make you understand the difference correctly.

Each cigar band has a similar length, shape, and ring gauge so you will get to know about the size of cigar just by its name.


Corona’s are essentially the standard cigar size and extremely common option. Corona is a benchmark for different options for cigar sizes. Traditionally the corona is going to measure around 5 ½-inches long and the ring gauge is between 42 and 44.

 Petit Corona

Petit corona is also referred to as Mareva. This version is the smallest version of the corona. It measures around 4 ½-inches, with a ring gauge of 40 to 42.


A Churchill is larger than the Corona, with a length of 7-inches and a 47 ring gauge. Its namesake is former Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, who had a love for these types of cigars. Moreover, he had smoked around 300,000 similar cigars in his lifetime.


These days Robusto’s are one of the most popular sizes of cigars, particularly in America. This contains a fairly chunky ring gauge which is around 50 to 54 and this especially in comparison to its 5-inch length.

 Double Corona

The double corona is the same in shape like standard corona but it is double in its length. It is around 8 ½-inches long and the ring gauge is around 49 and 52. This is what makes this option a pretty big option for cigar lovers.


This option is slightly much longer as compared to Corona. Its ring gauge is 42 along with a 6 ½-inch length.


The pyramid is the best choice to try for cigar lovers. The Pyramid features a tapered point at the head of the cigar and the stick contains a cut foot. Pyramid cigars measures around 6 to 7 inches and their ring gauge is around 40 with a tapered end and at the foot, the gauge is around 54.


The perfecto has a rounded head along with a closed foot. This is a similar choice like parejos but it has distinctive bludge in the middle as compared to having straight sides.

Unlike the other vitola sizes, Perfecto’s are extremely different in length; from the more compact 4 ½-inch to the impressive 9-inch cigars. The ring gauges fluctuate too which means it can be ranging from 38 to 48.

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