Ecoshot Relax

Ecoshot Relax

Now avail extra strength in a bottle of capsules. You might have associated only medicines with a pack of capsules but it is time you picked up the relaxation potential tapped in the EcoShot Relax. You would indeed be surprised with the flavourful capsules which have the power to please your taste buds and relax you after another gruelling day. It is ideal for enhancing your relaxation process. It is designed especially to be taken in the evening, at night or on a holiday. Even though it is designed for relaxation, it doesn’t have melatonin-producing properties and does not induce sleep. So the customers must not use it as a sleeping aid.

Ecoshot Relax + Hemp

For those who are not seeking relaxation but instead want to pep up their energy levels, the Hemp Energy Drink products will be more suitable. Kick start your day with EcoShot Energy Drink and you will know the difference it makes. You will feel lively, lovely and energetic. Surely, your professional and personal life will never be the same after that. A tired personality will be overshadowed by an energetic persona. So make Energy Drink a part of your routine and start a new chapter in your life. Try our exclusive range and let us know how you feel. We will be proud to be part of the brighter aspect of your life.

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