Everything You Must know about Cigar Smoking Etiquette

Everything You Must know about Cigar Smoking Etiquette

Cigar smoking is considered as the best way to pass the time. But there are certain things which you should be aware of whether you are using them in a public place or at home. Here we have given all the things which you should know about Cigar Smoking.

  • Take your time

Keep in mind that it is all about the experience. You should not rush while using the smoking product. To enjoy the cigar you should take one puff at a time and you definitely have a better experience. If you are thinking of buying a cigar then you should buy one from the cigar shop.

  • Do not talk while the mouth is full

There is an old saying which we all have heard from our mothers that when your mouth is full you should not talk. In this case, also you should talk while your mouth is full of a cigar. When you are done but you still take it again in your mouth it can be quite harmful.

  • Dispose of it properly

Once you are done smoking, you should dispose of the product correctly. You should not leave it on the road or do not throw it anywhere as it is not a good practice.

  • Smoke at the appropriate place

You might have seen notice board or hoardings with saying smoking is not allowed here. Keep this thing in mind that while you are at work you should not smoke as well during the break time. It is better if you do it your home while you are relaxing and enjoying your drink.

  • Cutting down the Cigar

Some men try to cut down the cigar ends with a knife which is not the best thing to do so. If you are doing this then it does not have any reason or serve you any benefit. If you want to enjoy the cigar then do it properly and enjoy it. People who want to buy a cigar can either get online or get it from a cigar store. Also, make sure you buy the cigar with the best quality to enjoy it even more.

  • Holding the cigar properly

One of the rules is that you should hold the cigar properly between the index finger and the thumb. Although there is no reason why such rule is made but most of the people who smoke learn this thing early on and they even do it every day. You can say that it looks more appropriate as well as elegant.

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