Guide for New Vapers for first week

Guide for New Vapers for first week

With the vaping device, it has given the option to smokers to quit smoking. In case, you are also going to try the vaping then it is essential you keep in mind certain things. The first week can be difficult as you are not aware of vaping. In this guide, we will give you the proper guide about vaping.

So, you have made your mind to quit smoking finally and decided to switch to vaping. But, it is essential that you make your mind whether you want to switch to vaping completely or you want to slowly. Prepare yourself so that you enjoy the vaping experience in the best way.

Getting the important supplies for the first week

  • E-Cigarette: To get started you need the vaping device it can be anything a pen or pod system.
  • Extra Battery: Make sure you have an extra battery along with you because you might feel tempted to pick a pack of cigarettes. So, before leaving the house charge the device. Make sure when you are buying the vaping device from the vape store get an extra battery.
  • Gets E-juice: In the first week, you might not be using e-liquid that much but having more than you need is better. To get the best vaping device and best e-juice you should visit our vape shop.
  • Coil: Most of the vaping tanks have ready-made and throw away coil once they are used. So, having an extra pair of the coil is quite handy.

Choosing the right E-Juice Strength

You need to consider 2 important things:

  • Using too much nicotine can leave a very harsh effect on the throat. It can even give the same sensation of smoking. But, too much is not the best option.
  • Using nicotine very less will not make you feel satisfied. Not having the high nicotine level might make you feel light up your cigarette to fulfill your cravings.
  • It is essential to keep a balance between the two. If you are using a mod and you were a heavy smoker – 12 mg/ml, for moderate – 6 mg/ml, smoked very less – 3 mg/ml nicotine level.
  • If you are using a pen and you were a heavy smoker – 18 mg/ml nicotine level, smoked very less – 12 mg/ml, and those who smoked once in a while should have nicotine level 6 mg/ml.

How to deal with Cigarette Cravings?

  • Start doing something active

You should go for a walk, swimming, or do a household activity so that your cravings are dealt with properly.

  • Keep in mind the reason to quit smoking

Remind yourself of the reason why you want to quit smoking. Write down on your phone or just recall yourself. Keeping in mind small things will make your vaping experience memorable and best.

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