Guide on Mouth To Lung vs Direct to Lung Vaping

Guide on Mouth To Lung vs Direct to Lung Vaping

Vaping is becoming popular among smokers who are trying to quit smoking. No doubt, the experience which we get while using these products is mind-blowing and satisfying also. The best part is that you can customize the device according to your style of vaping. Vapers who are new need to understand the style first mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping. Here we have explained both of them in detail.

What is Mouth-To-Lung?

In Mouth-to-lung type the vapor is taken into the mouth. Before pulling the vapor in the lungs it is held in the mouth for a few seconds. This method is similar when you use the conventional method of smoking (cigarette). This is the reason, most of the smoker consider this option when they are trying to quit smoking. Additionally, the vape pens also resemble a cigarette.

More often, this method is used because it gives a similar feel like that of a conventional cigarette. It gives a soothing sensation when you get a burning sensation in the throat. In addition to this, it produces a low vapor cloud which is great if you are going to use them in public or even at any other place.

Setting up the device

Make sure you are running the mod on low wattage and the coil should be of  1.2 ohms or higher. While buying the e-juice you should find a flavor which has a higher ratio of PG as compared to VG. This is because it gives more harsh throat hit as well as it has better flavor. In this, the nicotine level can get high.

What is Direct to the lung?

In Direct-to-lung, the vapor is directly inhaled into the lung. This method is considered as an advanced method of both the style of vaping. In this option, you also get less flavor in comparison to another method.

With this method, the experience which you get is pretty intense. With this, the cloud production also increases in comparison to mouth-to-lung. It means you have to be cautious while using it in public. You can buy the vape product from the vape store.

Setting up the device

First, you have to set up the sub-ohm tank and a device for putting the wattage. The coil of MTL is small in comparison to this vaping style. In this, the VG ratio is high and it is best for cloud production. Once you are experienced you should choose the VG ratio of 70% or higher. In this nicotine level is less as compared to other option. In this, it is suggested that the person should not consume more than 6 mg. If you are not sure then you should ask the shopkeeper while buying the device from a vape shop.

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