Is there an Expiry for Vape Juices?

Is there an Expiry for Vape Juices?

Vaping is explained as inhaling and exhaling aerosol which is specially designed to quit traditional smoking. This device offers you many benefits, for example, available in flavors, chargeable batteries, and does not contain any type of harmful substances. Many people claim that vape juices are going bad after some time or they want to know whether these have an expiry date or not. Let’s understand these factors.

Vape Juice Expiry Date

An owner of the vape store reveals that majority of vaping products have come with an expiry date. Which is printed on the packaging or bottle cover. In addition, these vaping products or e-juices are safe for your body because of these long laster. But they do not give as much relief as the products which are under expiry date.

When you are planning to buy these products you must check the manufacturing and expiry date on the cover of the bottle. You can also ask a vape shop owner about the due date of vape products if you are still in doubt.

How long before e-liquid goes bad?

E-liquids are safe and you can store them for a long time, but the shelf life of vaping products vary from product to product. It only depends on storage consideration and how you store them. If you store them correctly then it can last for 2 years from the manufacturing date.

Moreover, a vape juice store owner reveals that even if your vape juice is under the expiry date but you will unable to enjoy the same taste as a new one. There are some components that are present in e-juices and affects the life of e-juices, for example,

  • The flavor may fade more quickly
  • Nicotine potency will reduce over time
  • Taste and texture may also feel different or not as similar to new ones.
  • The quality of e-liquid decreases over time

A recent study demonstrates that e-juices which contain vegetable glycerin, Nicotine, and propylene glycol are last long time such as for 2 years.

Moreover, if you want to store them for a long time then you must store them in a cool place. Do not store them direct sunlight or extreme heat, because these can react so quickly and damage your vaping product quickly. The other component is flavor, if your vape juice contains natural flavor then it will surely last long but if it consumes preservative then you will not able to enjoy this anymore.

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