Know Everything about Throat Hit

Know Everything about Throat Hit

What is throat hit?

In simple words, the feeling you get when you inhale the e-cigarette. It hits the back of the throat which gives a feeling of tickle and tingle. This sensation is because of the e-liquid in the ingredient which will irritate the throat. Many vapers consider the throat hit as an essential part of the vapes product. People who have quit smoking and turn to e-cigarettes will definitely found the throat hit helpful to effectively quit smoking. It also your personal preference and how you want to control it.

  • No Throat Hit

This is very smooth and just like silky sailing of vapor. Its uses will result in any type no tingling sensation or irritation. Most of the vapers prefer this option who has not also smoked before.

  • Gentle Throat Hit

When you use the vaping product it causes a slight tingling sensation. This is not noticeable and keep in mind the vapor is not only the air. If you were a casual smoker than you will definitely prefer this option.

  • Harsh Throat Hit

This cause a very high level of sensation and tickle feeling in the back of the throat. The feel is the same as the cigarette going down. Additionally, if you are not used to this it will make you cough also. But, if you are a heavy smoker then it will surely benefit you if you start using these vaping product.

How the level of throat hit can be increased?

If you feel you not getting the right kind of throat hit than here are few things which can make your experience even better.

The main component of throat hit is nicotine and this is the reason why the traditional cigarette smokers enjoy the throat hit as they switch to these products.

But, if you are a new user while buying the e-cigarette from vape store you can ask the owner as they can also guide you on how to use the product. If you have smoked earlier than you can try 1.2% to 1.8% of the level of nicotine in the e-liquid. If you are a new vaper than start at very low at 0.6%. If you are trying to quit traditional cigarette and a heavy smoker then you should first concentrate on quitting the tobacco cigarette and then focus on lowering the level of nicotine.

For a better throat hit it is better to have higher PG ratio in the e-juice. E-juice (E-liquid) contains VG, PG, and nicotine as they all contribute to giving the flavor. It means higher the PG more flavor, less cloud and better throat hit. It is better to have 70% PG and 30% VG so that it can satisfy your kick. Additionally, you can also choose the flavor according to your need like mint, tobacco, and menthol are great for throat hit. Moreover, increasing the temperature can also give you a better throat hit.

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