What are the top tips and tools for the optimal and best smoking experience?

What are the top tips and tools for the optimal and best smoking experience?

Once you have bought the cigar from the cigar store the way you cut it will significantly affect the smoking experience. You always cut a cigar before lighting it so that air can travel through it. Given below are the top tips and tools for having the best smoking experience:

  • Sharp blades

The sharp blade is an essential requirement to get a clean cut. The nicked blade, blunt cutter, or a dull pinch of cigar-cutting scissors would damage the wrapper so that it would come unraveled.

  • Swift motion

Below are mentioned the various kinds of opening tools. However, the following is applied to all the tools. To have an enjoyable smoke with a clean-cut, you need to cut the cigar in a single swift and with precise motion.

  • Cutting the cigar correctly

It is extremely crucial not to damage the cigar wrapper while you are cutting it. Cigars with a pointed cap like the Diadema, Perfecto, or Torpedo are at less risk because the wrapper of these formats is rolled up to the tip. How far down the cigars are cut only the opening size of the cigar is affected and the volume.

For the non-pointed formats like Churchill, Corona, Robusto, or Panetela can be cut only a few millimeters and this is essential to avoid the wrapper damage.

If not, then you cannot enjoy the smoke and the wrapper can get unraveled. Make sure, you keep the cigar as straight as possible when you put it in the cutter to avoid cutting it only at an angle.

  • Biting the end of the cigar

You might see heroes in the movies bitting the cigar end but you should not do it for certain reasons:

  • First of all, the risk of the wrapper getting damaged increases.
  • Secondly, the teeth will result in less even and clean cuts.
  • Lastly, you will be left with bits of tobacco in your mouth which can affect your smoking experience greatly.

The main part is that you need to enjoy the tobacco by smoking and you should not eat it.


Top tools for cigar cutting

Double-blade cutter, guillotine, and easy cutter

Double-blade cutters are best for small cigars with a narrow ring gauge and tapered with formats like Diadema, Perfecto, and Torpedo. A single-blade cigar can be kept as straight as possible. This helps you to enjoy the cigar and it gives the perfect aroma.



The V-cutter has 2 blades that cut a wedge into the cigar at the angle of 45 degrees. To have an intense smoke with the medium and small format this method is considered the best. Make sure to apply some pressure when you put the cigar in the cutter and this will give the best cut.



With a punch cigar cutter, you can punch a beautiful hole in the cigar. The tool punches a clean hole in the cigar head that has lower draw volume. The punch cigar formats are ideal for larger ones. The cutting method will not affect the wrapper in any manner and it protects against unwanted tobacco crumbs.

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