Smok Coils – Is There An Ideal Time After Which I Must Replace These?

Smok Coils – Is There An Ideal Time After Which I Must Replace These?

The detrimental effects of cigarette smoking are known to everyone. This has led to the devising of a safer form of cigarettes. They are named e-cigarettes. They are presumed to have a lesser quantity of nicotine and other harmful substances that can have repercussions on the lungs and respiratory system. The e-cigarettes consist of SMOK coil on which their functioning relies. This thereby makes it essential to replace the SMOK coil for maintenance and long life of vaping equipment and unmatched vaping experience every time.

Time for Changing SMOK Coils

The SMOK coils should be changed every 2 weeks and even sooner if one is a regular vaper. The following points can help in identifying the time for their replacement:

  1. The amount of vapor production: when the coil is new, the amount of vapor production is high. With the passage of time, its amount keeps on decreasing. It is most common for people to be more watchful towards the nicotine content in the vaping equipment, they do not pay attention towards the SMOK coil. When the vapor production stops, it is time to replace the SMOK coil.
  2. Burning taste while vaping: when the SMOK coil is at the verge of a replacement, there is the release of burning taste into the mouth while vaping. This is a clear indication of supplying the new SMOK coil because the taste will persist with the existing SMOK coil irrespective of the type of e-juice being used by the vaper. Only resorting to cleaning the SMOK coil and not changing it only leads to impairing the other parts of the e-cigarette and its dysfunction.
  3. The taste of e-juice varies: while buying vaping equipment, one has a certain taste that he/she wants to experience out it. For this, e-juices of different flavors are available depending on the preferences of the vaper. However, when the SMOK coil is out of order, the vaper does not get the expected taste preferred by him/her which is signaling towards the replacement of the SMOK coil.
  4. Production of gurgling sound: the vaping equipment is sound free. It does not lead to the production of any sound generally during vaping. When the e-cigarette starts producing gurgling sound, the vaper should change the SMOK coil.

Overall, the replacement of SMOK coil depends largely on the usage by the vaper. If one vape at frequent and regular intervals the coil needs replacement every week. It can last for 2 or more weeks for a moderate vaper. For irregular or occasional vaper, the need for adding new SMOK coil arises after a month or so.

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