Things You Must Know About Cigar Cutters

Things You Must Know About Cigar Cutters

Those who love fine cigar must know that cigar cutter is a very essential tool. But there are many people who are not using the right kind of tool to cap off the cigar and some even use their teeth. In this guide, we will tell you what things you should know about the cigar cutter.

Here are some things which you should know about the cigar cutter before you use them.

  • Do Not Limit Yourself To Cigar Punch Or Huge Ring Cigar

Some people might prefer the option of Asylum 13 orge (6*80 super-sized) and last for 3 hours per cigar. You will lot of difficulty in opening it and might use punch cutter.

In that case, you should upgrade the gear to  XIKAR X875 cutter. They have a stainless steel blade with easy capping. If you are using cigar of big size then you should add this option to your list. You can easily buy them from your nearest cigar shop.

  • Cigar Shutters Can Be Cleaned And Sharpened

To clean the non-disposable guillotine cigar you need to remove the case first otherwise the entire surface of the blade won’t be that sharp. Additionally making sure it is cleaned properly. There are two ways which include:

  • Dip the cotton in rubbing alcohol and clean the surface as well as the tobacco oil and other small dust particles.
  • Dip the stainless blade in hot water and let it sit there for some time so that the build-up of tobacco, as well as other things, gets removed from there. Once this is done, dry the cutter properly.

For sharpening the v-cutter you can use a stone polishing burr, Dremel tool, and maintaining the angle when you grind the edge. But, it would be better if you send the cigar cutter to the manufacturer as they will be using the right kind of tool and method for sharpening the blade. If you are looking to buy the cutter then you can buy it from a vape shop.

  • Does Cutting The Cigar In The Wrong Way Will Change It?

Firstly, there is no such method which is right or wrong to use the cutter. Forgetting the best taste of cigar you can do anything you want. But the way you clip the cigar will make a lot of difference. Using a classic guillotine will give a smooth surface area. If you get a v-cut then it will change the smoke concentration and the flavors which comes out of the cigar. This way the flavors will be more rich and full because of the narrow opening.

To prevent any problem you can take your go-to-cigar and give it a different cut so that you get to know how it tastes. You should buy the right kind of cutter from the vape store.

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